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Speaker Success Training – How to craft your message to grab your audience

July 10 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm PDT

During this Speaker Success Training, Jeanne Zierhoffer shares how personality methodology can aid in refining your speaking skills, including:

How to better connect with your entire audience

Personality methodology offers a profound edge for becoming a better speaker. By understanding and adapting to different personality types, speakers can enhance their communication effectiveness and foster deeper engagement with their audience.

Improved Engagement:  

Different personalities are engaged by different stimuli. Some may appreciate detailed data and statistics, while others might be more drawn to personal stories and emotional intelligence, others may want high energy and fun! By incorporating varying elements, you can maintain a higher level of engagement throughout your presentation.

Versatile Presentation Style: Implementing various personality methodologies allows you to be more versatile in your presentation style. You can seamlessly shift from a structured, detailed approach to a more dynamic, high-energy delivery, ensuring you captivate and retain audience interest throughout your talk.

Close more sales:

When you learn to engage all 4 personality types in your talk from the very beginning until the close, it starts with you and how you are showing up, you are possibly leaving money on the table.

Speaking in your primary code ALL throughout your [presentation could be costing you money, let’s increase your ROI on stage!

Featuring Jeanne Zierhoffer

July 10, 2024

2pm PT/ 5pm ET/ 10pm London UK

July 11 – Sydney, Aust 7am AEST

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